Tried-And-True Principles Are Best For Weight Loss

Tried-And-True Principles Are Best For Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered how bodybuilders achieve such lean physiques? Keep in mind that there is a world of natural bodybuilding that doesn’t employ the use of steroids and diuretics to achieve world class physical aesthetics. These competitors have a rule that they keep in mind while training for competition.

Fitness is 30% what a person does in the gym, and 70% what is done at the table.

In a practical and logical perspective, natural bodybuilders do not have any extra human qualities making them ready for a stage, that is different than any other person. They have learned nutritional behaviors that guarantee a lean and healthy physique. What many people fail to realize is that these strategies can be used by anyone to make a transformation possible.


When a natural bodybuilder decides to compete, the first step they take is setting a date for showing-up primed and ready for competition. The generally-accepted time frame is 12-14 weeks from a contest. This is a time frame that is perfect for making a healthy, yet radical, change in body composition. Coincidentally, this is also the perfect amount of time for forming new nutritional and exercise habits that will last for life.

Maybe it’s time to throw away all of the fad diets and fancy schemes for losing weight. Maybe a proven nutritional schedule used by thousands of successful natural bodybuilders, is the key to personal transformation. If so, here is the core of a bodybuilder’s nutritional regimen.

The Mindset

After choosing a date for competition (or a weight loss goal), immediately shift into a “do-or-die” mentality. Inform everyone that you intend on achieving your body composition goal no matter what.

The Meals

Plan to eat every 3 hours. Meals should consist of good proteins and medium-burning carbos like brown rice, yams, and hearty fruits. Six to eight meals each day should be consumed to keep metabolic fires burning. Bodybuilders consider foods to be fuel, not necessarily items of pleasure. For an increased weight loss rate, before each meal you can take Garcinia cambogia extract supplements. you can treat your self to a garcinia cambogia free trial thanks to Healthy Lifestyle Art.


Water Intake

In order to transport body wastes and keep muscles healthy, natural bodybuilders use the formula of drinking 1-1.5 oz of water per pound of body weight each day. For a 200 lb individual, this equates to at least 1.5 gallons of water consumed. Very few people realize how little water they drink, but water is the main substance of life. A healthy body craves water. The “more in, more out” principle is vital for losing weight while remaining vigorous and healthy.

Timed Exercise

No lean body is ever made without exertion. Time workouts to coincide with your sleep habits. Workouts just prior to bedtime, and just after waking-up burn fat far more quickly than during the day.

Reduce Negative Hormones

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body in times of stress. It is also a main contributor to fat gain. It is absolutely essential that stress management becomes a part of daily life while transforming a body is a priority.

Yes, bodybuilders are extreme, but they achieve incredible results. Not everyone is headed for the competition stage, but these principles are powerful when combined with adopted dieting techniques. Eat clean, drink water, minimize stress, and remain active. These are universal truths for achieving weight loss and body transformation, no matter the method.